Because a laser in good shape makes an experimentalist happy


Catalog of products and solutions

Insight | Spatio-temporal metrology at focus

Developed by the CEA and SourceLAB, the INSIGHT system is a breakthrough metrology sensor to be inserted at the attenuated focus of ultra-short laser systems. It offers full access to the complex E field (amplitude and phase) in space-time/frequency, in the far-field and the near-field.


SL-XPW-1000 | Contrast enhancement and post compression

The SourceLAB XPW is a unique product to clean your laser contrast at low energies (up to 10 mJ). It can be included in any laser system and is fully interfaced. It comes with a state-of-the-art beam stabilization.

TIPTOE | Very broadband time-domain cross-correlator from tunnel ionization

Developped by IBS (Korea) and SourceLAB, TIPTOE is a universal time-domain cross-correlator based on tunnel ionization. With this major innovation, it is now possible to retrieve the electric field of a short and ultrashort laser pulse, as a function of time and without sign ambiguity. TIPTOE has the unique advantage that it can be operated within the UV-visible, near-, mid- or far-infrared spectral range.