Source Gas Targetry Solid Targetry Laser Filtering Characterization

New sources for Non Destructive Testing

More and more actors of the industrial and research world demand on complete and secure techniques to control the integrity of some critical components.

Our sources for X-radiography, based on laser-plasma interaction, offers unprecedented resolution, high-flux and complete security, as well as a great flexibility through a direct acces to numerical detectors for on-line diagnostics.

New generation of X-ray sources for NDT
A novel scheme of X-ray sources for state-of-the-art radiography based on Laser Plasma Accelerator, providing ultra-high resolution, flux, security and flexibility.

  • Specifications
  • Source size < 50 µm
  • Energy 1-150 MeV (tunable)
  • Flux >10 Gy/min/m
  • ON-OFF source
Example for a 20mm-thick tungsten object radiography
object radiography
  • (a) reference object
  • (b) cross section scheme
  • (c) radiographical image

Source: Compact and high-quality gamma-ray source applied to 10 µm-range resolution radiography, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 264101 (2011)

Radiography of Image Quality Indicators (IQI) on Image Plate detector using a Laser-Plasma Accelerator
  • (a) H9 FE EN
  • (b) H5 FE EN
  • (c) 10 FE EN

© IQIs courtesy Areva NDE Solutions

Access to numerical imaging Applications
Combination of ultra-small source point and high flux gives immediate access to numerical imaging:

  • Real time imaging
  • High resolution
  • Image processing (zoom, contrast…)
  • Automatical reject of the defective piece
  • Real time tomography
  • Micro-defaults detection
  • NDT of metallic alloys (>80 mm thickness)