Gas Targetry

Source Gas Targetry Solid Targetry Laser Filtering Characterization

Laser Plasma Targetry

Motorized Gas Cell of adjustable length

…with windows for on-line optical plasma imaging. This system is designed for the interaction in a stable medium over a distance of several millimeters, enabling in particular the fine control of the electron injection and energy in Laser Plasma Accelerator schemes.

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SL-GT-10-new SL-GT-10

Gas Jet Systems

…delivering controlled flows of low to high densities with typical diameters ranging from few millimeters down to hundreds of microns. These systems are especially adapted to perform in particular the interaction between an IR laser beam and a near-critical gaseous target.

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Precision nozzles for gas targets

…a unique class of nozzles associated to precise manufacturing capabilities that give access to specific plasma shapes and densities.