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SourceLAB Brochure

SourceLAB is dedicated to providing a quicker access to essential tools for research in laser-plasma interaction at ultra-high intensities as well as in energetic radiation and particle sources.

Located in the premises of the Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée (LOA) in Paris, SourceLAB has developed a top-level expertise in ultra-high intensity laser design and laser-plasma interaction experiments.

Intense ultrashort laser pulse propagating in underdense plasma and remnant exploding plasma channel

Realizing that laser temporal quality and target interaction conditions are as crucial as laser peak intensity, our team of PhD graduates focuses on a product line enhancing experimental results of researchers in laser-plasma interaction.

Our know-how spans from temporal contrast enhancement techniques to underdense and overdense interaction regimes using both gas and solid targets with unique characteristics. As a matter of fact, our experience goes along with the scientific achievements of LOA.

We provide quick and sound solutions of targetry systems, assist researchers and technicians in the control of plasma and interaction conditions and work steadily on individual solutions for our customers.

With its technology and expertise, SourceLAB assists closely scientists in exploring new regimes and in meeting the challenges of our domain at an even faster pace.